ribbon types & textures guide



Sheer Silk Ribbon

Sheer Silk is soft and supple with a smooth weave, and a medium level sheen. It is extremely fine, sheer and very delicate. It is hand torn and is perfect for the feminine bride.

Classic Silk Ribbon

Our most popular ribbon, Classic Silk Ribbon has a smooth weave, with a medium level sheen. It is semi-sheer, and is supple and has a beautiful, elegant drape. It has subtle hand frayed edges and is everyone’s favourite.

Opaque Silk Ribbon

Our heaviest, crispest ribbon, Opaque Silk, is a strong silk with a low level sheen. It is quite crisp to the touch and heavy, suitable for more structured arrangements. It has subtle hand frayed edges.

Crepe Silk Ribbon

Our beloved, Crepe Silk Ribbon has a subtle sheen (almost matte), and a soft crepe type texture. It is light, with a beautiful drape. It has lovely hand frayed edges and is perfect for the modern bride.

Satin Silk Ribbon

Our most luxurious ribbon, Satin Silk has a high sheen on one side, while the other a dull lustre. It is soft and supple, with the most elegant drape, and has a significantly hand frayed edges. It is perfect for a luxe event.

Crinkle Silk Ribbon

Our favourite ribbon, Crinkle Silk has a stunning natural crinkle that runs end to end. It is highly textured, but still incredibly light and has a slight stretch. It is hand torn, slightly frayed edges.

Tussar Silk Ribbon

Our most unique ribbon, Tussar Silk has quite a rough feel, but also has a lovely soft lustre and a beautiful soft frayed edge. It drapes well and is light, yet highly textured. This is perfect for the adventurous bride.


Our lightest most delicate silk ribbon, Gossamer is a incredibly light, delicate, translucent ribbon. It’s beautiful sheer nature makes it ethereal and effortless. It can be lightly pressed, or lightly spritzed for a lovely, soft textured look.




Important things to keep in mind when purchasing Hand Dyed Ribbon:

Due to the nature of the traditional nature of our process and the natural ingredients we use, you may find small nuances and subtle variations in the fabrics and the colours. This is all due to the hand crafted nature of the product, and is what makes your product a treasured heirloom piece, it is this one of a kind ‘perfect imperfection’, that we adore and know you will too!

We are a small batch studio in Sandgate, Australia. We use ethically sourced textiles, as well as natural based pigments to dye our products with. We try avoid non-natural products as much as possible but there is some use throughout some processes, though it is very minimal. We wash all of our ribbons and fabrics with a fixative to ensure colour fastness. Although rare, there is a possibility of small dye molecules being left on fabrics and ribbons. While using our products, if you think it is possible that the ribbons will become dampened with water, you must wash them before use. 

A small amount of mild soap (PH neutral soap is best to ensure the colour of the fabric is not drastically changed) and water will work to remove any left over dye. As with any hand dyed made item, follow the care instructions and use thoughtfully.

Dry and store your ribbons out of sunlight. Natural dyes are highly susceptible to changes in PH, and can fade in sunlight and can react to chemicals, they are very sensitive, we use the term ‘living pigment’ to describe our dye colouring, so it is important they are stored safely away from sunlight to help reduce fading.