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If you would like to wash your ribbons or runners we suggest a very gentle hand wash, as the fabrics are dyed with living colour pigments, the colours are very susceptible to changes in pH, added chemicals and light. Due to the ‘living’ colour, each colour has different washfast results and lightfastness, so we do suggest storing your textiles away from natural light to reduce fading. If you wish to wash with soap, we suggest you use only pH-neutral soap and hang to dry indoors out of direct sunlight. Our ribbons are delivered with a frayed edge and this will naturally continue. If you get some loose threads you can cut these away, but if you prefer not to encourage fraying, we suggest limiting your hand washing.

*Important note: Dry the stems of your bouquet or floral arrangement fully before tieing your ribbon around as the chemicals that are used in the plant food to help sustain the florals can react with the natural dyes.


Of course! If you would like to press your ribbons or runners, you can do so using a iron or a hair straightener – be sure that it is set to a cooler setting though as our silk ribbons are very delicate. Our textiles are dying using largely natural living colour pigments they are susceptible to change in pH and other chemicals, so do not use the steam setting on your iron and ensure your tools are clean. Alternatively, if you would like you can spritz with some water (with a neutral pH) and leave them to dry naturally which will give them a lovely crinkled crepe-paper effect.


Two unique and natural elements come together in our products. One is the natural dye, and the other is the fabric. Our dyes are made from plant matter and our process is largely natural, and so they create a complex range of pigments that can shift and change as they are not synthetic, and are therefore perfectly imperfect – produced by Mother Earth. You then have fabric, which are an incredible natural fibres. Together, we have a “organic” colour and a naturally occurring fibre – and so our ribbon colours shift slightly under different lighting conditions. We of course take all of our photographs in natural light to give you the best possible representation of the ribbon’s colour, but just be aware that a photograph cannot perfectly depict the complexities of the colour, and your monitor may also vary the colour.


Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, but we are happy to issue store credits if your order is returned within 14 days of the issued ribbon. All returns must be unused and in original condition, that being the same condition they arrived to you in. ALL returns but be requested FIRST via email to: _info@silkandbramble.com.au_


You’ve placed your order! Now what? Our orders are generally ready to ship within 1-3 business days. During busy periods we may not be able to send out the next day and require a 1-3 (business) day window. If you require faster shipping, please contact us via email or the contact form on our site so we can create a custom order for you.

AUSTRALIAN DOMESTIC ORDERS – are sent EXPRESS via Australia Post – tracking numbers are provided. For same day order & shipping we do charge an expedited service charge, based on your order quantity. Please contact us VIA email to see if this is possible: info@silkandbramble.com.au

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – we ship worldwide! Generally orders arrive 10-14 days from time of shipment. Tracking is available, though note it may not be available to all countries once the order leaves Australia (please note insurance is not included in this service). If tracking is not available in your region, unfortunately no one will be able to track its whereabouts should it become lost and we cannot take responsibility for the postage service and postage service timelines. Remember, shipping estimates vary from country to country and times can increase, while it is estimated around 10 -14 days delivery time, it is best to allow 2-3 weeks to give yourself a buffer.

IMPORTANT NOTE taxes and custom fees may apply at delivery. These charges vary and the buyer is responsible for these charges.




Important things to keep in mind when purchasing hand dyed ribbon & textiles:

We are a small batch studio in Sandgate, Australia. We use ethically sourced textiles, as well as natural based pigments to dye our products with. We wash all of our ribbons and fabrics with a fixative to ensure colour fastness. Although rare, there is a possibility of small dye molecules being left on fabrics and ribbons. While using our products, if you think it is possible that the ribbons will become dampened with water, you must wash them before use. 

A small amount of mild soap (PH neutral soap is best to ensure the colour of the fabric is not drastically changed) and water will work to remove any left over dye. As with any hand dyed item, please use caution. 

Dry and store out of sunlight. Natural dyes are highly susceptible to changes in PH, and can fade in sunlight and can react to chemicals so it is important they are stored safely away from sunlight to help reduce fading.

We aim to keep our process as natural as possible. Our colours are all founded on botanical ingredients, however there are still some parts of the process where we use cannot use only natural ingredients to dye - we try keep this parts of the process as minimal as possible and are always looking for new ways to make these more natural.


Ribbons are rolled onto ‘Standard Walnut Coloured Spools’ unless they are a crinkle silk and then they folded. If you have included in your cart a ‘Artisan Crafted Walnut Spool’, your ribbon will be wrapped on this spool (unless it is crinkle) and no ‘Standard’ spool will be included.

You can lightly press or run through a straightener, all ribbons on a gentle heat setting to smooth.

Linens are folded and can be washed on a gentle cycle or by hand with a neutral PH soap and lay flat to dry. Note some changes in colour may occur and we never recommend washing your ribbons with any other textiles. Always wash individually by hand. Linens can be pressed for a more polished look or left to dry naturally textured (our favourite).