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From by the seaside…

Our artisan studio was founded by Lauren, on a love for creating pieces by hand, that our S&B brides and clients would treasure for years to come. Her loves are the raw, wild beauty of nature and entwined with old world charm that comes with a process bound by tradition.

Our silks and linens are all slowly crafted by hand, right by the sea on Australia’s South East Coast, using largely botanical ingredients foraged and found in nature or our own garden. We change and shift with the seasons, so our colours are always evolving.

Our processes are natural and our journey ethical. We return to traditional, slow craftsmanship, and the quality that comes with that. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and so with that comes this ‘perfectly-imperfect’ balance of beauty - a timeless product suited for a modern aesthetic.

We source our natural materials ethically and work with only reputable suppliers. Our process is slow and purposeful and our waste is carefully considered, and reused or recycled wherever possible. We try to give back to our planet and our local community as much as we can. Our S&B brides are offered old world luxury, through a traditional artisan approach, and it is this that sets our craft apart.

Lauren’s background is design, architecture, art history and colour theory. The alchemy of natural dyes is extraordinary and a match made in heaven for her creative soul, which was never quite full-filled by the practice of architecture. Dying with living colour is an amazing process, the palette of natural hues is extraordinary - it is part chemistry, part art, part chance and sheer luck.

Silk and Bramble is here to create effortlessly beautiful silks & linens that compliment your aesthetic and help to transform your special event into an unforgettable occasion. We exist to serve the modern bride, she’s free spirited, wild and romantic. She seeks to express herself, she is avant-garde, walking poetry, she is effortlessly elegant and enchanting – for her we offer heirloom pieces to adorn her bouquet, wedding table, cake, invitations or anything else she desires - our pieces help her make a personal statement and will be treasured reminders of her wedding day.

Let’s get styling! Let’s get married!

Let S&B take you on a journey of the heart.

Lauren x


Mission Statement

“We exist to mindfully create treasured pieces — to craft and interact with the hand and heart, with grace and raw authenticity. We aim to lightly touch this earth through our slow process — and leave it more wild, beautiful, strong and flourishing than before.”


Heart and Hand | Raw and Untamed Beauty | Natural | Wild | Slow and Intentional | Love