To ensure our environmental footprint is minimal, and to ensure our quality is maintained - products are made in house, by hand, with love.

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Foraged & Found

Our colour palette is largely plant based. We use ‘living colour’, foraged and found in nature to dye our silks and textiles. Using as little as possible non-natural elements in the process.


Hand Frayed

Once torn, we hand fray each edge. Some silks naturally fray more than others - we carefully pull away strands to leave a beautiful, soft, feathered edge for each our silk ribbons.


Hand Dyed

We hand dye all of our fabrics by the seaside. We dye in small batches in our cottage/studio to ensure each batch is unique, beautiful and of a high quality. This part is magic.


Hand Pressed

One of the most time consuming but most rewarding parts - hand pressing. Each ribbon is hand pressed and pressed again before we send out the ribbons, to ensure they are perfect.


Hand Torn

Our ribbons are all hand torn. We carefully select suitable widths for your bridal and styling ribbons. We hand-tear each, slowly and carefully to ensure you have plenty of options.


Hand Spooled & Packaged

Finally, we roll each long length of ribbon onto a spool by hand. They are then beautifully packaged by hand using sustainable packaging, ready for shipment to new homes.