our TEAM

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Lauren Cowan

Hi loves!

I am Lauren, and my handsome husband here is Mitch. We may be a small team, but we come with big dreams and plenty of passion. I am the ‘artistic’ one, I do the dying, the tearing, the pressing, the branding, the colour testing and the making. And like any good team, Mitchell is the ‘practical’ one, he helps me forage (I don’t LOVE spiders, so he assists here), he packages and offers round the clock support! Literally! Together we are Silk and Bramble. We are here to make our S&B brides dreams come true and craft ribbons and textiles they can treasure for years.

My background is architecture, art history and colour theory. I took a leap after travelling Europe for four months, after realising how important it is to follow your heart and started this business. I love what I do, and mostly I love working with our wonderful free-spirited clients, who search for something extraordinary and who use our ribbons to make their mark. When I’m not brewing, stirring or crafting something, I am taking a walk by the sea (its within arms reach of us - we are seriously the luckiest people), or I am surrounded by my wonderfully loud, silly family, including two boisterous puppies, or I am tinkering away on our little cottage. Wherever I am, Silk and Bramble and all the things we are about here, is in my heart - so I’m always right there with you!


The Cottage Companions

The cottage and our little studio would not be the same without our two trusty side kicks. When I’m fussing in the garden, sometimes they help me forage. Sometimes - they go too far and dig up a wee bit too much! But they are enthusiastic, I will give them that!

These two ladies make us laugh everyday. They also love long walks on the beach and belly pats round the clock.