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Oh hello! Need a hand getting started? …We have you covered!

Colour, texture and style is our speciality. Check out our FREE Bouquet Guide to help you decide what to choose. If you get stuck, we LOVE helping our S&B brides and clients select ribbons, so just send us an email - we’d love to assist you!

Floral bouquets and wedding stationery, are such a beautiful, personal addition to your wedding day. Our silk ribbons are the perfect addition, to bring an ethereal, unique, luxurious feeling to your bouquet or event. Why invest in our beautiful ribbons? Well, I’m so glad you asked. Each ribbon is lovingly made by hand in our boutique studio by the Australian sea. We source our fabrics ethically and use only the finest silks and natural ingredients. There are no shortcuts, no machines, and largely natural pigments used, and so our pricing reflects the unique and beautifully high quality of our product.

These gorgeous ribbons perfect treasures to keep from your wedding day. In their next life, we have seen our lovely brides reuse their ribbons to tie around their wedding stationery as a keepsake, wrap them around their wedding album or newborn photos, tie around cakes, wear them in their hair, and even to tie precious Christmas ornaments. The limit is your wild imagination, and we know you’ll come up with even better things!

So, get the guide below, to keep things simple and easy, and we’ll be right here if you need us!

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