Idyll Flower Studio + Prajna Flower Floral Shoot


Raw. Natural. Organic. Elegant. Effortless. Earthy. Is this what these gorgeous film images evoke inside you too? This shoot was created by a wonderfully talented team of vendors. When I received these images I was blown away. The combination of contemporary minimalist styling coupled with an earthy and natural feel - really coming through in the beautiful raw textural elements of the simple bouquet and underfoot floral arrangements and the introduction of our warm Classic Silk Ribbons in Honeysuckle and Tuscan Pink.

Silk Ribbons add a beautiful softness and movement to the scene. The feeling is romantic and poetic. Silk Ribbons are luxurious additions to your bouquet on your Wedding Day and are wonderful keepsakes for years to come - when flowers wilt and fade away, your silk ribbons are here to stay. Some of our brides wrap them around their wedding album, their first born’s album, in their hair, around gifts, or even use them to tie their Christmas ornaments (my personal favourite). They are heirloom pieces - to be treasured for years to come.

More images to come!

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Meet the Team:







Lauren Cowan