Chanele Rose Editorial - Sydney


This styled shoot took place in an industrial Sydney loft space. A unique setting for a unique couple - not afraid to have fun with all those details lot’s of couples like to save for other occasions. It is bold, fun, adventurous, beautiful, raw and real. I love the images Sheri has so beautifully captured on film that celebrate colour, romance and fun - what a wedding should be all about!

Our Silk Ribbons featured here was a wonderfully different combination of three silk ribbons. We had a satin, a classic and a tussar silk ribbon - all wrapped around on beautiful and fun wedding bouquet. The varying textures of silk ribbons were wonderful because they added a little depth and complexity to the shoot.

The Satin is buttery and soft, maybe the softness silk ribbon we offer, while the Tussar is the opposite, it has a lovely textured sheen, a medium drape and a really intriguing texture in that it is soft but almost rough to the touch. Together, the wedding bouquet ribbon selections was a personal expression of the wild and raw beauty of the bride - I love when brides express themselves through our pieces. When the florals have wilted and faded away, our silk ribbons are a wonderful keepsake from the day - the more thought and personality that goes into their selection - the more precious a reminder of your wedding day they become.

She was a storm. Not the kind you run from. The kind you chase.
— R.H.Sin

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