Blackberry Sheer Silk

Blackberry Sheer Silk

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Our hand dyed silk ribbons are all coloured using ingredients largely foraged and found in nature. We dye with ‘living colour’, and as a result our ribbons are wildly complex while being effortlessly beautiful. Just like our S&B Brides and Clients! Our silks are ‘perfectly imperfect’, each carries its own subtle variations and small nuances that occur during the hand dying, hand tearing, hand fraying and hand pressing process.

Our ribbons are rolled by hand onto spools, with the exception of our bouquet bundles and crinkle silk ribbons.

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Need a hand choosing your ribbons?

We get it! So we’ve made a Bouquet Guide to give you all the tools you need to select your perfect wedding or event ribbons. Below is quick go-to info.


You may add an ‘Artisan Crafted Walnut Wooden Spool’ to your order if you would like a little more splendour - see the products page to add this! Otherwise we will deliver these to you on our ‘Standard Walnut Coloured Spools’. If you would like to opt out of spools and save the trees, you can do this at checkout.


Please note : Due to the handmade nature of the product, sizes are approximate only and colours may vary slightly. Colours may also vary due to different monitors or screens. Our process is slow, purposeful and unique. We believe it is this charm and character that offers old world romance and makes these luxury heirloom pieces to be treasured for years to come - this means our ribbons and textiles may have small nuances or variations in texture, colour etc.


Bridal Bouquet

Our 6cm to 10cm wide ribbons are what we call our bridal ribbons. These have a luxurious thickness for a full bouquet, perfect for a beautiful free spirited bride and are wildly romantic bouquet - simply pair with some of thinner ribbons or mix and match with our full collection, for a full billowing bouquet.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Our 3cm to 5cm wide ribbons what we call our maiden ribbons. This ensures you’re bridal bouquet stands apart, but your maidens still compliment you. Our bridesmaids typically use a 3m length for their bouquet.