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Inspired by the soft-edged mottled glass you find washed up on the sea shores - this beautiful hand dyed Cotton Gauze Table Runner (in our sheer and lightest weight cotton gauze) is effortlessly romantic, light and airy. The colouring is almost a ‘dusty’ or ‘dirty’ sea glass green-blue colour. It is made from 100% ethically sourced cotton and is hand dyed using largely botanical ingredients in our seaside studio.

The handmade process and use of natural ingredients creates a unique shade of greeny-blue that shifts and changes in different light. It has a lovely frayed raw edge on either end. It is slightly mottled in colour due to the handmade nature of the product and is soft, elegant and earthy. Whether this is casually draped over your table at Sunday lunch or runs down the centre and grounds your elegant wedding tablescape - this is one for all occasions!

Please note : we do our very best to take images that show the colours as realistically as possible, however due to different screens sometimes there is a slight variation in colours.

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Note : Natural dyes are very susceptible to changes in PH, chemicals, and sunlight. We recommend you store this away from any sunlight until your event and wash with a PH neutral soap. See our FAQs page & our Care Instructions for proper care. Remember, as with any handmade items, treat with care and use thoughtfully.

We do our best to represent colours as realistically as we can, however please note that due to the different screens and the hand made nature of the product, colours can vary slightly.