Coral Cotton Gauze Napkins - Discounted Seconds Sale

Coral Cotton Gauze Napkins - Discounted Seconds Sale

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Each Napkin set contains 6 Rustic Coral Cotton Gauze Napkins.

These beautiful rustic Cotton Gauze Napkins are effortlessly romantic, light and airy. They are made from 100% ethically sourced cotton and are hand dyed with botanical ingredients in our seaside studio.

NOTE: These are seconds stock. They have slight imperfections such as variations in colour from mid-pink to light-pink/cream hues that add a lovely organic, mottled effect to the napkins and mean they are all very unique, and generally are not one consistent colour across the napkin. The sizes also vary due to being seconds, generally they are a minimum of 35cm x 35cm sometimes increasing to around 35 x 45cm - this is simply the nature of the second stock and is only a slight variation due to the gorgeous handmade quality of the item.

The handmade process and a delicate balance of largely natural ingredients, resulting in a pink hue, that is soft, elegant and earthy. Whether these are casually draped under your plate at Sunday table or folded or wrapped in a way next to your knives and forks, they are perfect for your wedding or lifestyle tablescape - this is one for all occasions!

Size : varies (typically 35 x 35cm each)

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Note : Natural dyes are very susceptible to changes in PH, chemicals, and sunlight. We recommend you store this away from any sunlight until your event and wash with a PH neutral soap. See our FAQs page & Policies page for more information on caring for your textiles. See our FAQs page and Care Instructions for proper care. Remember, as with all handmade items treat with care and use thoughtfully.

We cannot guarantee colour run. We use a fixative to set our dyes, so if you expect your item to get wet, use with caution and wash prior to use using a PH neutral soap. As with any handmade item, use thoughtfully.